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Angus Rural Mobility Hub - Public Consultation
The Concept

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Research and examples, particularly in Europe where the ARM Hub project team are a partner on the EU North Sea Interreg programme on smart logistics, show that integrating this investment with a skills and training programme and procurement, creates employment opportunities for local communities.

An example is the drone trials that have been run from the site to explore the potential of drone technology to deliver time sensitive material such as medical prescriptions and light instruments/equipment.

We have taken these findings alongside best practice on the key elements of a mobility hub and local considerations – access, amenity & environment – and applied them to the site.

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For Brechin and rural Angus, the opportunity exists to design, build and operate a range of transport uses that can decarbonise travel, particularly for heavy duty vehicles, whilst improving community access to a range of services.

Land use and services

The proposed uses that have emerged and we consider provide a platform to deliver the ambition are:

  1. Bio/CNG refuelling facility for heavy duty vehicles
  2. Hydrogen refuelling facility for bus and heavy delivery vehicles
  3. Ultra-fast EV hub for cars, buses and vans
  4. Car & eBike share facility
  5. Hub for local, Glens and longer distance regional bus operations with charging facilities
  6. An interpretation and promotional space for Brechin
  7. A neighbourhood space for local services such as a banking and ebikes, shaped by community consultation
  8. Last mile warehousing and distribution
  9. Land for commercial property through an extension to Brechin Business Park to support local businesses and to connect with the mobility hub uses/‘offer’.
  10. Sustainable urban drainage scheme to showcase biodiversity within new developments
  11. Locally produced renewable energy and storage to energise the site and uses as a local, green energy neighbourhood
  12. A digital twin for modelling the performance and wider application of the facility

Potential design and layout concepts

We have explored a potential layout and design concept for these uses as the basis to inform consultation, design and technical assessments.

This is not the final scheme but is intended to assist discussion and consideration of the uses, and others, that could form part of the ARM Hub. We welcome your thoughts on the uses, proposed configuration, changes and additions. Use the online form to provide your feedback.

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Funding Partners

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Angus Council and Dalhousie Estates have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, entering into an agreement to work together to develop a clean growth business park, with supporting infrastructure, in Brechin, Angus.

Angus Council’s ambition, along with the private sector, is to deliver an Angus Rural Mobility Hub, within a regional business park to provide the infrastructure, services and skills programme needed to enable the Tay region’s transition to a low carbon, inclusive economy through a range of smart mobility and energy services.  

Angus Rural Mobility Hub has the potential to deliver a step change in clean transport infrastructure on the national trunk road network and in doing so, create skills and new career opportunities within Angus and the Tay Region.