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It has long been the subject of science fiction, latterly morphing into various predictions, promises and prototypes, but now the wait is over.

Farmers and contractors in Scotland and the north of England now have the chance to put full scale, autonomous tractors to work in their own fields.

The 5.115T2 AgBot, a 156hp dual tracked autonomous tractor, capable of a multitude of field tasks using standard PTO powered and draft implements is now available to buy from Angus based precision farming specialists, SoilEssentials.

Developed in the Netherlands by AgXeed, the prototypeAgBot was officially shown to the UK market at Cereals 2021 and returns to Cereals this year ready to be launched on to the UK market with the announcement of SoilEssentials as distribution and service partner for Scotland and the north of England. Gregor Welsh of SoilEssentials commented:

“We are very excited to have been given this opportunity by AgXeed. The AgBot is a complete game-changer for our farming and contracting customers.”

“It would seem like every other week the farming media runs a piece featuring the latest CAD sketch or stylized image of what an autonomous tractor from one of the established tractor manufacturers might look like. Typically, these pieces are light on detail, long on hype and with vague “next year” promises! AgXeed have worked away quietly in the background and have now made the crucial leap to full market launch. We are so proud to now bring the AgBot to our customers!”

“The AgBot can operate implements such as cultivators and drills etc just like a conventional tractor thanks to its front and rear linkage and electric PTO and trusted Deutz diesel engine connected to a generator to provide electric power to the drive train. The game changer is that there is no need for anyone to sit in an operator’s seat; a major bonus in this time of labour shortages.”

“Visitors to our stand at the Highland Show will have the chance to see the AgBot, kick the tracks, speak to our experts, and assess how it could make a huge difference to the bottom line of their own farming businesses.  Interested parties will also be able to register to attend our forthcoming demonstration days where they will get to see the AgBot in action – it is such an impressive piece of kit, and I would encourage anyone to search AgXeed on YouTube to see for themselves.”

Graham Ralston of SoilEssentials commented: “I was speaking to someone the other day who likened the launch of the AgBot to the Grey Fergie vs the horse, with the innovation in working practice and technology of the AgBot I think they may be right.”

“SoilEssentials has always strived to offer innovative products and services to our customers, from Trimble guidance systems to our own KORE software, Soil Sampling services and EssentialsNetRTK. I am delighted we now have an autonomous tractor offering too.”

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