Build an effective strategy to grow your business

This webinar is practical, outcome driven, and designed to fit with the needs of small businesses in both B2C and B2B environments. It will help you develop a strategically led approach that can turbo charge business growth, identify the core growth strategy(ies) that are right for your business, and develop an action plan. We will […]

How to write and develop your business plan

New and established businesses will require a business plan for getting a loan, grant or just to consider the direction they wish to go in. This webinar will teach you what you need to include and how. We will walk you through what should be included within a business plan, how a business plan is […]

The business benefits of running a sustainable business

It’s becoming increasingly important to customers to source their products from companies who have strong green credentials. This webinar will show how by becoming more sustainable you can increase sales and profits. We will look at: Understanding the problem What is sustainability and why it is important Innovation Profiting from being a green business Embracing […]

Learning zone: Managing risk – How to prepare for the unexpected

Having risk is not good, however letting it become an issue is worse. From financial to resource to supply issues, all can have a major impact on your businesses. Therefore, you need to start planning and monitoring well in advance to help you prepare for change We will discuss: Risk vs issue What risks could […]

Webinars, live streams, and video conferences: Running a business remotely

There are many tools available to allow you to communicate with people online. Whether you are trying to run a workshop or seminar, hold a meeting or just communicate. Many of these digital tools are easy to use and offer some powerful facilities. Let us guide you through: What webinars, live streams and video conferences […]

Ready, Steady, Grow: How to Expand Your Business

Are you a business that has been trading for less than five years? Do you realise your full potential? This is an opportunity for you to gain an outsider’s perspective, which can be essential in realising the potential for your business to expand. Working with our advisers, you will analyse the current state of your […]

How to write a Business Plan and why you need one

This webinar will help you create a robust business plan. The webinar will look at: creating a description for your business the business planning process efficient ways of obtaining skills and resources presenting your business plan There will also be information on additional services from Business Gateway and details of other webinars which may be […]